• AugustPizza

    THIS AUGUST: FRESH mozzarella, colorful organic grape tomatoes, a drizzle of balsamic reduction and fresh basil. Summer on a pizza!

  • Panini

    OUR NEW PANINI: Tangy and sweeet, with a kick of smoky chipotle. Topped with a sweet corn slaw and served on Lovejoy Bakers ciabatta.

  • JuneBruschetta

    ASPARAGUS AND MASCARPONE BRUSCHETTA: Toasted Lovejoy Bakers ciabatta, velvety mascarpone and blanched local asparagus drizzled in lemon vinaigrette. Finished with salty parmesan.

  • PizzicatoNight

    PIZZICATO NIGHT: Don't forget to join us on Wednesdays! We have 1/2 priced beer and wine. You made it half-way through the week, why not celebrate?

  • DoughForDollars

    D4$ NEW RECORD: Learn more about our Dough For Dollars program. Click here!

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