caesar dressing recipe

Caesar Dressing Image.jpg



1 ½ Cups Olive oil     

1 TBL Balsamic vinegar    

¼ Cup Lemon juice (roughly 1 lemon)

¼ Cup Parmesan cheese (grated)  

¾ tsp Worcestershire sauce    

1 Egg Yolk    

3 dashes of Tabasco Sauce   

¼ cup Garlic cloves             

2 Anchovy Fillets


Measure all ingredients carefully. 

  1. Place your garlic on the cutting board and mince. After garlic is minced, lay your anchovies on top of the garlic and continue chopping until you have a paste like consistency. 

  2. Combine the anchovy/ garlic paste, Balsamic vinegar, Lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce and Fresh Egg yolk together. Mix until you get a silky like texture

  3. Once silky like texture is achieved, slowly add the oil as you mix until the dressing is emulsified. Take care not to over mix as the dressing will become too thick.

  4. Fold Parmesan cheese into the dressing with a rubber spatula.

  5. Transfer dressing into the storage container and store in a refrigerated unit (41º, Self-life is 7 days).

  6. Refrigerate at least two hours before use.

  7. As the dressing is used it may become necessary to stir prior to each use.