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We offer medical insurance through Providence health care for employees working 30 hours per week or more. There are several different plans to choose from, which you can see below. You can also find a few important links for seeing a doctor and getting the care you need. Stay healthy!


We offer dental insurance through Kaiser Permanente for employees working 30 hours per week or more. Insurance offers up to $1500 of dental care per year. Your insurance will pay 100% of preventative care like cleanings, 80% of basic care, and 50% of major work. This has a $50 deductible on work. Pretty good!


Vision insurance is pretty straightforward and cheap, so if you’re having trouble reading this… consider enrolling! You’ll have a $20 exam and materials copay, you’ll get $125 towards frames every 24 months, and $100 contacts credit every 12 months. If you wear glasses, it’s worth it!

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What’s a Flex Spending Account? It’s awesome! You can choose to set aside pre-tax income to use on medical expenses. So if you know you’re going to spend $1000 on medical expenses this year, you won’t have to pay taxes on that money which can save you quite a bit! It’s like a nice gift from your aunt and uncle, Pizzicato and the Government.


We know being a parent is a whole lot of work, so we offer maternity leave and childhood assistance! We’ll match $.50 for every $1 you spend on childcare for children under 5 years old, up to a maximum 1666.67 per year.


We offer paid sick time for all employees, and paid vacation time off for our managers. Check out the full explanations below for more info.

perks and discounts



We offer a bunch of discounts with local partners!

  • 40% off staff meals at any restaurant.

  • 10% off at Seven Corners Cycle located at 3218 SE 21st Ave, Portland, OR 97202. Just let them know you’re a Pizzicato Employee.

  • 10% off on regular items at Clogs-n-more with your Food Handlers card.

  • Discount Membership at Lloyd Athletic Club and The Club at Krusewoods. Just let them know you’re a Pizzicato Employee.

  • Corporate Discount at Timberline Lodge (contact HR for more info)


Ohhh special perks! Yeah!

  • Special passes to the Employee Stores of Adidas and Columbia Sportswear

  • Annual Company-Wide Picnic with food, drinks, games, and prizes for the whole family

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What about mental health?



You can make an appointment with a mental health professional through your medical insurance.

  • Here is an important link.


If you aren’t insured or want outside assistance, here are some good links to start with.

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