Journey to the Italian countryside with a pizza based on the famous pasta dish from Amatrice, Italy. Each bite highlights the interplay of warm, meaty Pancetta amidst sweet-tart roasted tomatoes. We top with mozzarella and red onions and bake until the crust is golden brown. This pizza is finished with crumbled Ricotta Salata cheese and fresh basil. Take a bite, close your eyes and enjoy the trip.



This month we offer you an appetizer trio. Warm ciabatta is served with three savory sides. First is our house-made tomato jam featuring roasted tomatoes and mama lil’s peppers. Next up are toasted artichoke hearts. And to finish the trio, we marinate mozzarella pearls in olive oil and mix with a chiffonade of basil. Create your own perfect bite!



If you’re counting down the days to Thanksgiving, here’s a delicious way to take a shortcut. Try November’s roasted turkey panini with house made cranberry jam, meaty bacon and provolone on a Lovejoy Bakers ciabatta roll. There’s a cookie for dessert with your name on it 🙂





We are proud to introduce our newest addition to the
Pizzicato family in the heart of the Pearl district serving
all the pizzas, panini and salads you know and love.


Pizzicato Pearl
NW 10th and Northrup, at the base of the Cosmopolitan
7am – 9pm everyday • 503.224.9505

NW 23rd store update
We are busy repairing damage from the explosion.
We will be open soon!