La Zucca

La Zucca is a garlic & olive oil based pizza topped with fresh zucchini, yellow squash, corn, green onion and grape tomatoes. It’s finished with chevré, thyme, parmesan, and served with lemon wedges for added brightness. You can taste the summer-kissed perfection in every bite.



Share a plate of toasted ciabatta served with a selection of mouth-watering toppings to spoon, smear and drizzle. Balance these herbaceous, fire-kissed, savory flavors to make your perfect summer bite.


Panini Email

Kicky pepperoncini & cabbage slaw, sharp provolone and a sweet-hot mustard aioli put an Italian spin on the classic Pastrami sandwich. Filling and perfect, down to the last spicy-sweet bite.




Quality, pride in our skills, respect for our buddies on the line
and in the front of house. We smell like garlic. Deal with it.