Say Fresca

The Fresca, inspired by the Caprese salad, starts with a garlic & olive oil cheese pizza. Out of the oven we top with tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, and finish with a flavor-packed balsamic reduction for a slice of summer perfection.



We bring two fabulous veggie specials to keep things light: Street corn with housemade smoky aioli, feta and fresh chopped herbs + the hearty cobb is back in all its glory!


Smoky and sweet, with a kick of Chipotle, this Pulled pork panini touts a sweet corn slaw and luscious, buttery brioche bun made by Lovejoy Bakers.





Quality, pride in our skills, respect for our buddies on the line
and in the front of house. We smell like garlic. Deal with it.